Ultimate Spinach

One of the Hub’s 60’s rock bands tied to the disastrous “BossTown Sound” promotion dreamed up by MGM Records, Ultimate Spinach was led by vocalist Ian Bruce-Douglas and recorded a series of “heavy” experimental tunes with ponderous titles such as “Gilded Lamp of Cosmos,” “Fragmentary March of the Green,” and “Hip Death Goddess (Ballad of The).” The band made use of multiple instruments and recorded strictly original music that was anything but formulaic. Rock biographer Lillian Roxon tabbed the band “quite talented, if a little too serious about it all.” Its major claim to fame outside New England is tied to a young guitarist who signed on in the band’s last days: future Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers axeman Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.
(by Dean Johnson)

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