Peter Wolf

The onetime J. Geils frontman and vocalist has been a part of Boston’s post-Beatles rock scene almost since its inception. The New York City native was lead singer for the Hallucinations before joining forces with the The J. Geils Band. He also carved out a decent solo career after leaving Geils in 1983 with top 40 hits such as “Lights Out,” “I Need You Tonight,” and “Come As You Are.”

Whether a solo act or onstage with his Geils buddies, Wolf was and remains a dynamic live performer. The former WBCN-FM deejay (“the Wolfa Goofa with the Green Teeth”) is also the patron saint of the Boston music scene, showing up unannounced at gigs and quick to help fledgling rockers. Wolf continues to perform and record as a solo artist. 1998’s Fool’s Parade was tabbed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 50 most influential recordings of the Nineties. Still going strong, Wolf released Midnight Souvenirs in April 2010.
(by Dean Johnson)

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