Johnny A

The Malden, MA native started playing the drums when he was 6, but he knew, soon after the first time he picked up a Lafayette Electronics guitar, that he was destined to switch instruments. A short stint at Berklee College of Music revealed something else: he was going to play rock and blues, not jazz. Over the years, he led bands including Squanty Roo, the Streets, Johnny A’s Hidden Secret, and Hearts on Fire. He was also in bands fronted by Peter Wolf and onetime Derek and the Dominos keyboardist Bobby Whitlock. But he’s best known for the instrumental albums under just his own name, Sometime Tuesday Morning and Get Inside, where he’s shown off his Gibson’s big fat sounds that feature just the right touch of tremolo. Johnny currently plays regularly, all over the world, and nobody, Hendrix included, has done a cooler, hipper version of “The Wind Cries Mary.”
(by Ed Symkus)

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