Barry Goudreau

Barry Goudreau’s greatest success came as guitarist for the band Boston during its halcyon years from 1976 to 1980. In addition to his soaring lead work, he and founder Tom Scholz developed their distinctive double guitar sound, flying tightly in harmonic formation during Boston’s many live concerts of the period. The mega-platinum selling group went on a temporary hiatus in 1980 as Scholz sorted out legal difficulties with his label and at that time Barry Goudreau recorded his first, eponymously-titled, album. The solo project was a modest hit, reaching #88 on the Billboard album chart and spinning off the single “Dreams.” A dispute over the album led to Goudreau’s dismissal from Boston, which would not release another record until 1986. The guitarist moved on, forming the short-lived band Orion the Hunter with future and current lead singers of Boston Fran Cosmo and Brad Delp. The latter took a sabbatical from Boston to form RTZ (Return to Zero) with Goudreau in 1990, releasing a successful album and touring extensively. That band folded when Delp was reactivated to record and go on the road with Boston yet again. In the succeeding years, Goudreau made a steady living teaching music and producing local talent like the promising vocalist and guitarist Lisa Guyer. He recorded a fine CD called Delp and Goudreau in 2003 with its hit local single “What You Leave Behind.” That song title would sadly prove prophetic as Delp committed suicide in early 2007. Barry Goudreau would release one last collaboration with his good friend and band mate, the song “Rockin’ Away,” which was originally recorded for the intended release of a 30th anniversary edition of the first Boston album. That project never came to fruition, but this formidable track remained as an outstanding postscript to Delp’s life in rock and roll. Barry Goudreau moved on once again, stepping up his own involvement in the scene by becoming a full-time member of Ernie and the Automatics, a local group of gunslingers from Boston, RTZ and Beaver Brown united under the supervision of guitarist and local car businessman Ernie Boch, Jr. The band released its first CD Low Expectations in the spring of ’09 to good reviews and a strong regional response.
(by Carter Alan)

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