Asa Brebner

Asa Brebner is a historical representation of the entire Boston Rock scene from 1974 into the new millennium — evolving from his punk rock roots into a fully-rounded musician over thirty years later. He first showed up onstage and on record in an often overlooked, but important early band called the Mezz and then kicked around town as a sought-after guitarist and bass player with Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, among others. Brebner eventually hooked up with singer Robin Lane, fresh from the West Coast, and formed the Chartbusters, who played the local circuit and attracted a Warner Brothers record deal with its infectious single “When Things Go Wrong.” The unit released two albums and an EP from 1980 to 1982 and toured the world, but continuing long-term success did not materialize. Brebner landed back in Boston and for many years played with friends in the local area, eventually developing the confidence to release his first solo album, 1996’s Prayers of a Snowball in Hellwhich is now a local collectors’ item. Several additional studio albums, 2006’s live Abbey Lode (recorded at the Abbey Lounge in Cambridge) and a new album in 2010, Suenos de los Muertos — all are strong creative testaments to a long and active career.
(by Carter Alan)

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