Music Museum of New England


Artists make our world at the Music Museum Of New England go round. From international acts to local bands, learn more about your favorite rock, blues, R&B, jazz, folk, classical and other New England artists here!

johnny-a Johnny A
aard km 2007 strs 1500 Aardvark Jazz Orchestra
adelman1 Richard “Shtix” Adelman
aerosmith Aerosmith
willie1 Willie Alexander
alloy-orchestra Alloy Orchestra
ames-brothers Ames Brothers
artoflovin2 The Art of Lovin’
atlantics2 The Atlantics
aztec-two-step Aztec Two-Step
baez_14 Joan Baez
bagatelle The Bagatelle
barbarians The Barbarians
Johnny Barnes Johnny Barnes
geoff-bartley Geoff Bartley
jeff-skunk-baxter Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
beaconstreetunion The Beacon Street Union
bell-biv-devoe Bell Biv Devoe
cadillac5 Bellevue Cadillac
berlin2 Rick Berlin
leonard-bernstein Leonard Bernstein
big-dipper Big Dipper
black-pearl Black Pearl
598562_440680619283875_25893003_n Ran Blake
boogalooswamis_img_01 The Boogaloo Swamis
boston6 Boston
pops2 Boston Pops Orchestra
the-boston-symphony-orchestra Boston Symphony Orchestra
asa-brebner Asa Brebner
bobby-brown Bobby Brown
buffalo-tom Buffalo Tom
burns6 Randy Burns
burton3 Gary Burton
jaki-byard Jaki Byard
cafferty4 John Cafferty
freddy-cannon-2 Freddy Cannon
WendyCarlos_1989 Wendy Carlos
the-cars The Cars
rockbill02 The Cavedogs
serge3 Serge Chaloff
chamaeleon1 Chamaeleon Church
charles-river-valley-boys The Charles River Valley Boys
bill-chinnock-2 Bill Chinnock
bobby-chouinard-2 Bobby Chouinard
classic-ruins Classic Ruins
hqdefault Colwell-Winfield Blues Band
chick-corea-2 Chick Corea
the-cowsills-2 The Cowsills
Dick+Curless+dickcurless Dick Curless
2572_1060014233156_4267613_n Peter Dayton
the-del-fuegos The Del Fuegos
dinosaur-jr Dinosaur Jr.
dmz DMZ
37724_418001825998_6905449_n The Dogmatics
Duke & The Drivers Duke and the Drivers
opera Earth Opera
eden3 Eden’s Children
either_5 Either/Orchestra
extreme_12 Extreme
face_3 Face to Face
farren Charlie Farren
fiedler_1 Arthur Fiedler
five_satins_3 The Five Satins
fools_4 The Fools
fortmudgecover Fort Mudge Memorial Dump
freeze3 The Freeze
g-clefs_2 The G-Clefs
9_galaxie-500-nyc-1989-2 Galaxie 500
ganggreen1 Gang Green
laszlo_gardony_4 Laszlo Gardony
geremia1 Paul Geremia
barry_9 Barry Goudreau
norman-greenbaum Norman Greenbaum
Patty Griffin Portrait Patty Griffin
387815_10150412859106935_818281575_n Gross National Productions
guster Guster
arlo_guthrie_02 Arlo Guthrie
hallucinations The Hallucinations
hanley_1 Kay Hanley
haynes5 Roy Haynes
highway_3 The Highwaymen
johnnyhodges1 Johnny Hodges
JandJ Jeff and Jane Hudson
hsr_1 Human Sexual Response
hutch4 James “Hutch” Hutchinson
ill-wind Ill Wind
casuals1 The Incredible Casuals
infliktors2 The Infliktors
jgeils_1982_Hit_Parader_Aug_01 The J. Geils Band
kweskin_11 The Jim Kweskin Jug Band
val2 Joe Val & The New England Bluegrass Boys
Jon_Butcher Jon Butcher Axis
peste3 La Peste
sleepy4 Sleepy LaBeef
lane_11 Robin Lane
11 Letters to Cleo
erik-lindgren Erik Lindgren
lizzie_2 Lizzie Borden & the Axes
lost1 The Lost
macey1 Jon Macey
taj_10 Taj Mahal
Promo Shot The Make
The+Peter+Malick+Group+Peter+Malick Peter Malick
aimeemann Aimee Mann
jocko_marcellino_1 Jocko Marcellino
Charlie Mariano woh01 Charlie Mariano
bobmcc5 Bob McCarthy
lorimckenna_4 Lori McKenna
metheny6 Pat Metheny
bosstones_10 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
burma_7 Mission of Burma
modernlovers_2 The Modern Lovers
themodes The Modes
mods_1 The Mods
james-montgomery James Montgomery
media-upload Moodus Drum & Fife Corps
morphine4 Morphine
van_9 Van Morrison
bill_6 Bill Morrissey
1383190_10151703633595292_1547257158_n Moving Targets
losmuchachos Los Muchachos
geoff-muldaur Geoff Muldaur
maria-muldaur Maria Muldaur
the-neighborhoods-2 The Neighborhoods
nervous6 The Nervous Eaters
newedition1 New Edition
hipmodeb New England
nkotb_2 New Kids on the Block
nields2 The Nields
billynovick2 Billy Novick
nrbq4 NRBQ
OPositive O Positive
7418 Oak
ric5 Ric Ocasek
christine-ohlman Christine Ohlman
orion3 Orion The Hunter
orpheus2 Orpheus
ben-orr Ben Orr
robertellisorrallorrall Robert Ellis Orrall
the-paley-brothers The Paley Brothers
the-pandoras-2 The Pandoras
parris5 Rebecca Parris
pastiche1 Pastiche
ellis-paul Ellis Paul
phish4 Phish
phluph2 Phluph
gene-pitney Gene Pitney
pittman_4 Richard Pittman
the-pixies The Pixies
herb-pomeroy Herb Pomeroy
pdb4 Pousette-Dart Band
andy-pratt Andy Pratt
185681_10150094317816744_1174683_n The Proletariat
quill Quill
raitt2 Bonnie Raitt
realkids Real Kids
remains_16 The Remains
paulannie_6 Paul Rishell and Annie Raines
1965-photo-2_2 The Rockin’ Ramrods
rondels_17 The Rondels
ROOMFUL-2012-END-PIECE2 Roomful of Blues
rowan1 Peter Rowan
1rubberrodea Rubber Rodeo
tom-rush Tom Rush
86salem66 Salem 66
scruffy_8 Scruffy the Cat
Sebadoh Sebadoh
the-sidewinders-2 The Sidewinders
carly-simon Carly Simon
chris-smither Chris Smither
rail_5 Southern Rail
162_Spectras_1966 The Spectras
staind4 Staind
didi-stewart Didi Stewart
postcard_bw The Stompers
donna-summer Donna Summer
alex-taylor Alex Taylor
James Taylorphoto: Danny Clinch James Taylor
teddy2 Teddy & The Pandas
l Third Rail
muses95 Throwing Muses
thundertrain Thundertrain
til-tuesday ‘Til Tuesday
tribe-2 Tribe
spinach4-1 Ultimate Spinach
l Unnatural Axe
rudy_vallee1 Rudy Vallée
The Velvet Underground and Nico The Velvet Underground
jackie-washington Jackie Washington
3831380505_ca63af071a Barrence Whitfield
the-wildweeds The Wildweeds
dar-williams Dar Williams
alan-blind-owl-wilson Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson
wolf2 Peter Wolf
john-lincoln-wright John Lincoln Wright
MI0001329226 The Zulus