Mission of Burma
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John Lincoln Wright and the Sour Mash Boys
Donna Summer
Arthur Fiedler
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Bonne Raitt
Chick Corea
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To preserve, honor and showcase New England’s musical heritage.

The Velvet Underground

There may be no other band in the history of rock more closely associated with New York City than the Lou Reed-led Velvet Undergound, and no group can match the band’s impact (big) versus sales (not big) ratio. The group chronicled the ’60s demi monde, and was a mainstay of the scene at The Factory of Andy Warhol, who lent his name to their first LP. They patented a kind of gritty white noise-rock that has influenced countless punk and indie bands ever since. Their drummer, Maureen “Moe” Tucker, paved the way for many female rockers. Yet the Velvets also…

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