Mission of Burma
The Cars
John Lincoln Wright and the Sour Mash Boys
Donna Summer
Arthur Fiedler
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Bonne Raitt
Chick Corea
James Taylor
The J. Geils Band
Tom Rush

To preserve, honor and showcase New England’s musical heritage.

Germany, 1978, Jonathan Richman and the Splinter

Asa Brebner played with the Modern Lovers from 1977-1978, and again in 1985. “If you wish to avoid being a charlatan you must shun platforms. Once upon them, a charlatan you must be — otherwise the crowd will throw stones.”– Chamfort I was young and green as a Christmas tree when Jonathan Richman plucked me from the minor leagues and took me out on the first European tour of his career. “Roadrunner” was solid gold in England! I was working in a health food store at the time and Jonathan, who I did not know from Adam, would occasionally come…

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